Location : 2625 Grand Ridge Road, Hallston, Victoria


Driving Directions from Leongatha

Hallston is 17 km north of Leongatha town (15 minute leisurely drive). You can approach from other directions, but we have provided the directions from Leongatha below.

Take the South Gippsland highway to Leongatha, turn left at first T intersection you encounter in town, (turn right if you want to go to visit the shops). The route takes you through beautiful rolling green hills. Local traffic is unhurried so please drive slowly.

Follow the road signs to Grand Ridge. There are also signs to Hallston/Yarragon. On your way out of Leongatha you will pass a large Milk Factory on your left. At the factory set your odometer to zero, as the reference for the distances indicated below.

Exactly 3.7km from the factory, during a sweeping right corner on a hill crest, take the slight left road where signs point to Grand Ridge and Hallston. Approach this point slowly as it is very easy to miss this turn off and end up heading to Mirboo North. However, don't turn hard left towards Leongatha North. The correct fork travels straight ahead down the hill. Approximately 6-8km from this turn off the roadside landscape changes from pasture to bushland. Beware of wallabies that may cross the road from dusk till dawn. At the end of the patch of bushland (this point is 14.6km from the milk factory), turn right. There are signs at this turn for Grand Ridge and Hallston. 
2km from the turn (or 16.5km from the factory) you come to a Y intersection. The house beside the intersection has a large, solitary Norfolk Pine tree in the front yard.  At the Y intersection is a sign "Grand Ridge - 50M" pointing to the right.  50 metres from the turn, on the low side of the road, is the entrance to our property marked with a timber sign. Beware, it is an extremely tight turn (effectively a U turn) and potentially hazardous if speeding traffic approaches from behind. We suggest the preferred option is to continue a further 200 metres to the local hall to turn around and come back for a much safer and easier entry into the driveway.   

Tip. Grand Ridge is a 1 hour leisurely drive from Tooradin Aerodrome (providing you don’t have any pit stops or shopping sprees on the way!)

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